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Mayhem and Tranquility

A blog where chaos meets peace.

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Into the woods

They walked down the parkway with their new puppy in tow, them pulling on the leash with a tail wagging fast enough to leave bruises on...

Hereditary: the therapeutic aspect

Let’s talk therapy and family dynamics in Hereditary. Annie and her mother obviously had some attachment issues that were never resolved,...

Socially Acceptable

It's Friday night and you've worked all week, you're stressed and you just want to unwind so you pour yourself a glass of wine, or four....

The noose that broke the donkey's back

Suicide. It's National Suicide Prevention week, but let's talk about the real problem here. Folks, (friends, families, and even sometimes...

Hey, Eeyore, I'm lonely, too.

The pandemic has hit hard on everyone and socially distancing and isolating has perhaps made you feel lonelier than you have ever felt....

When it's better on the graveside

When you have been depressed for as long as you can remember and suicidal ideation or death makes up a big part of your thought process...

Oh, the crisp fall leaves

About 7-8% of the population will experience PTSD in their lifetime, approximately 8 million people experiencing it during a given year....

Hey, Bezos, you're welcome.

Over the last few weeks of being confined to my home, I've had an inside look of what it is to not be able to shop for my own groceries...

Calling all the monsters

With all the craze around the new horror remakes lately, Doctor Sleep, It, Candy Man, The Invisible Man, The Craft: Legacy and so many...

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