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Hey, Bezos, you're welcome.

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

Over the last few weeks of being confined to my home, I've had an inside look of what it is to not be able to shop for my own groceries or any necessities. And I also have probably been keeping Bezos singlehandedly in business. Let's have some real talk though. Over the last 17 or so months we have had the pandemic that has ruled supreme and has confined people to their homes which has lead to individuals having groceries shipped to them through Amazon Fresh,, and other venues. Amazon has become a verb and people have learned that they can get anything they need from an online site and that they can get it over night. They are ditching stores and avoiding people at all costs. Or at least they were. Which lead to small business being run out of town. Disabled folk on the other hand have had no choice in the matter for much of their lives and are stuck in their homes or struggle to get the goods that they need and the coming of age of Amazon Prime, Amazon Fresh,, and the other delivery companies including Ubereats, Postmates, etc. and don't forget Uber and Lyft itself providing transportation have opened up a whole world for those that had previously had to rely on others to be able to even get their basic necessities. While many of us able bodied, autonomous folks have never had to rely on a delivery company to bring us our groceries or on other people to drive us around, these new found companies that have emerged over the last few decades have provided the liberties for those with disabilies to be able to have the freedoms to be able to eat healthy foods, take care of themselves and to be able to travel to places around the city on their own. While we have had the pandemic take some of our freedoms, while we are complaining about having to get a vaccine or wear a mask, while I am complaining about having to wear a boot or a brace and have to sit on a couch for weeks, there are those that have life long disabilities that have relied on others their entire lives and these services have opened up a whole other world to them. So while you enjoy the booze, groceries, and TV that have been delivered to you via the services that have come out in the last couple of decades, remember to be grateful for what you have, and who you have, and remember that what is a luxury to some, is a necessity to others.

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